Welcome to your special seat, to kill your boredom tonight.

Hold this candle, and take my hand. Let me guide you on this journey. I promise there's almost nothing to be afraid of.



If you've been blocked or unfollowed and are trying to figure out why, click here.


Mastodon: @[email protected]


Important Information


  • My name is Jordan, Robin, or Cinna. You can call me either depending on your preferences.

  • I'm 20 years old (Jan 10).

  • My pronouns are he/him.

  • White, gay MLM, transmasc, neurodivergent, physically and (severely) mentally ill.

  • System with insert insane number of alters here. If you see this, you unlocked the second layer of Jordan lore, as I don't talk about this often. You can ask who posted what (if I remember who the fuck did). Terrible awful no-good very bad memory because of it.

  • I'm a college student.


  • I primarily speak English, and am not very good with languages that I have learned/am currently learning. You may see me speak French from time to time, or see my applications are in Japanese (it's a good way for me to learn the language). I do not speak either of these languages fluently. I am still learning.
    (mon français n'est pas bien, mais je peux parle français. dsl)

  • I often make a lot of jokes and can be considered overly friendly with people I don't know very well. I am also very good at listening to people's boundaries. If something is bothering you about my behaviour, please tell me to stop and I will stop right away.

  • I do not say slurs, even ones that I can reclaim. However, I do swear very often, and cannot tag swearing.

  • I'm very bad at remembering people's triggers. If you need something tagged and I forget, please DM me to remind me.

  • Actually, I'm bad at remembering a lot of things.


For my sake , please do not follow me if you fit into any of the following categories:

  • You label yourself as "proship", "pro-fiction", "anti-anti", and/or "anti-censorship"✝; and/or you, with or without the labels, actively do and/or justify any of the following (not an extensive list):

  • Completely uncritical consumption of media, or a portion of media, with OR WITHOUT sensitive topics, and/or indulgence in or creation of media purely or primarily because of those sensitive topics (i.e. r*pe, *ncest, n*cro, etc.)

  • The claim/belief that fiction, by its nature, cannot affect reality

  • (In some cases of "anti-censorship") The claim/belief that even harmful extremists must be given a platform, and/or have that platform boosted, for the sake of "freedom of speech"

  • You ship real people, are an RPF (real-person fiction) reader/writer, or anything of the like.

  • You are not anti-discrimination, for ANY reason, even through neutrality (speaking in social terms).

✝ Sidenote: I tend to find that many people who label themselves as "anti-censorship" tend to also be either proshippers, or extreme followers of an idealistic "freedom of speech" that even private entities must adhere to. I group these people together because of their startlingly numerous overlapping qualities. Censorship itself, in many cases, is bad.

Please refer to my "Why am I blocked?" page for other reasons why I may block someone besides the reasons listed above.




Miscellaneous Notes About Me


  • I am a synesthete! Synesthesia is really cool, I recommend doing some research into it. It doesn't really obstruct my daily life at all.

  • My gender could be, unironically, described as "tumblr sexyman". /srs

  • I have a hugely overactive imagination, and a constant need to create things.

  • I'm a voice actor, and have been voice acting since I was 15!

  • I'm also a writer, illustrator, game developer... a lot of things, really.

  • My dream and aspiration when I finish my studies in game development is to create shovelware and comically horrible games. Why? Because it's funny.






  • Ensemble Stars!!:

  • Eccentrics/OddballsP

  • ValkyrieP

  • ShuP

  • Shumika / Mikashu

  • I hate HappyElements.

  • MagiQuest

  • Vocaloid / UTAU:

  • Kagamine Rin / Len

  • Kasane Teto

  • SONiKA

  • Hatsune Miku Solid

  • Worldbuilding/OC creation

  • Game development

  • Technology, computer science, repair, etc.

  • Speedrunning

  • Cosplay

  • Ninjago

  • Object Shows-- BFB, II2, etc.




Why am I blocked?


I don't tend to block people very often. However, if you find you have been unfollowed, softblocked (blocked then immediately unblocked to "break the mutual"), or blocked by me, it could be because of any of the below reasons:

  • You fall under the criteria of my current DNI (at the bottom of the page).

  • You are/were involved with currently ongoing, recent, or severe personal drama with me or anyone close to me, or extreme controversy.

  • You've been consistently outwardly aggressive towards me or anyone close to me.

  • (Twitter only) You are, or have ever been, a subscriber of Twitter Blue. I block these people on sight, regardless of whether or not we are mutuals. It's a timeline culling thing, not necessarily because of supporting Musk (although that definitely plays a part in it).

If you know that you fall under any of the above criteria, I am going to politely ask that you don't try and get in contact with me to ask to be unblocked. It is my choice to keep anyone who fits in with these criteria blocked.If you've simply been unfollowed or softblocked, this may be a result of timeline cleansing, unfollowing accounts I deem inactive, et cetera. These people I have no problem with reaching out to me.If you have read all of those and still don't know why you're blocked, or perhaps you fit into a previous DNI list but not the current one, you can feel free to DM me to ask. It very well may be a misunderstanding, and I'm open to talking. Plus, I make mistakes. A lot.But please note that I may block any user for any reason with or without warning.
(Please also note that I will probably not unblock you from Twitter, as I am no longer active on that platform.)